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Weekly Economics Podcast: Is the economy damaging our mental health?

Latest episode of our award winning podcast – subscribe on iTunes!

Skyrocketing household debt

A nightmare for families and bad news for the economy

Take responsibility for your own health”: naivety or convenient excuse?

Asking people to eat more broccoli won’t change the UK’s health inequalities.

Bridging our divides, 19 February

From a tug to a kicking

One year on from Donald Trump’s victory, have we learnt any lessons?

New Economics Foundation welcomes new executive pay plans as vital first step”

New government pay plans are an important first step towards tackling inequality

Is shareholder action winning on high pay?

There are a growing number of cases where shareholders are voting down increases in top salaries

Five reasons why we can’t stop worrying about inequality

The headlines don’t tell the real story

After Grenfell, residents’ voices must be heard

Housing in Britain is in crisis

We need to talk about wealth

Politicians have dodged the question for too long

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